Sunday, May 5, 2013

E-Book progress for the week of 4/29/13 - 5/5/13

Here's what I accomplished this week - haven't done much in the way of writing, but did do a few other things that  may help with my e-book:

  • Read two more great e-books about writing and publishing e-books, Price Rich and The Black Bible, both by Von Money.  Both contained information that I think will be very valuable as I go through the process of writing my first e-book.  Will be doing a separate post with information about both books.
  • Downloaded Gimp software, which was recommended by Von Money in both e-books as a great way to design an e-book cover.  Still trying to get used to the software, seems a bit complicated. 
  • Checked out Amazon Associates, which Von Money recommended in one of his e-books (can't remember which one) as a way to make additional money not only on books I've written, but also on books I've read and other products I've bought from Amazon - unfortunately the program isn't available in North Carolina. 
  • Checked out CreateSpace, which has been mentioned in a few of the e-books I've read, as well as in a few writing groups I'm in, as another way to make extra money on my books.  Might be a good way to make extra money on them, as well as have an actual hard copy of my book for myself, as well as a few copies for friends and family.  
That's it for this week! Stay tuned for next week's update... 

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