Sunday, May 5, 2013

More Excellent Reads for Those Who Want To Publish a Kindle E-book.

Read two more excellent books about publishing Kindle e-books, "Price Rich" and "The Black Bible," both by Von Money.  This post will provide a little more information on both books.

  • Price Rich - This Von Money book contains a lot of great advice not included in other e-books I mentioned previously, or advice that's contrary to what other books I've read have advised. For example, in one book that I read, "How to Publish a Best-Seller on Amazon," Nicholas Black advises against pricing books at less than 2.99 because the royalties are smaller - 35% for books priced at less than 2.99 vs. 70% for books priced 2.99 and up.  This is good advice, but one point that Von Money mentions is that if your book is priced higher and isn't selling many copies, you may make more money if you price your book lower and more people buy it.  Von Money also mentions a few resources in this book that I didn't know existed.  For example, at you can download free software to create your own book cover.  I have downloaded this software, but am currently still figuring out how to use it to create a book cover. 
  • The Black Bible - This Von Money book is the sequel to Price Rich.  It contains more advice on how to write an e-book that will sell, and also  mentions some other resources to take advantage of.  It again mentions the software, and in addition he mentions a few other valuable resources, such as the Cover Creator application that KDP launched on April 3.  He also suggests taking advantage of the Amazon Affiliate program as a way to make extra money - this will help you make extra money on your e-books, as well as other Amazon products. If you have a website, you can place affiliate links for products that you mention on your website, and if visitors to your website buy the products using your links, you'll get a 6% cut. I did check out Amazon Associates and try to register, however it's not available in my state of North Carolina.  


  1. Thanks for sharing this Erica, it's very useful. I'm only at the very beginning of this journey so having this information now really helps! Thanks!

  2. What do you write about? If you write about parenting, you could get a chapter/essay into a regional parenting magazine or a national for coverage, even with an ebook. If you write about writing, you could try to get something in Writer's Digest then in the bio you mention your Kindle offerings ;-) Just a couple of suggestions from a self-pub author!

    1. Kerrie, I mostly write about topics relating to working from home, though I do also write some health-related articles and some articles about writing (mostly about my experiences with different freelance writing sites, though I do expect to start doing some articles/blog posts about my experiences writing an e-book.

  3. Thanks for the tips about these books. As a Kindle publisher, I wish I would have read stuff like this when I started. It probably would have made things much easier. But, I'm definitely going to go check these books out now! :)


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