Sunday, April 7, 2013

Added another paragraph to my Introduction

Added another paragraph to my introduction today - wasn't sure if I'd mentioned that the information in the chapters of my book is taken from blog posts I'd written for, so I added the following paragraph to my introduction:

The information provided in the chapters in this book all comes from blog posts I’ve written as a contributing writer for the very popular work at home blog Work at Home Adventures.  Why am I writing an e-book with the same information that’s already available online?  Well, when I went back and re-read these posts, I realized that there was a lot more information that I could add to a lot of these posts, and I also wanted to write a book that was different from a lot of the work from home books that are available, most of which tell you about companies you can apply with, or different ways to work from home, but don’t tell you about the other things you need to know.

I think that clears things up. Hope to publish another update next week.

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  1. Hi Erica, keep plugging away at this. It's an awesome task to undertake, I wish you lots of luck and rapid progress!


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