Monday, April 15, 2013

Excellent Reads for Those Who Want to Write An E-book

I realize that many of you are reading this blog because you're either writing or want to write an e-book, so I thought I'd share some information with you on the e-books I've read on this subject that have been invaluable to me.

How to Publish a Best-Seller on - This was the first book I read about publishing on  This book doesn't focus as much on th writing process as it does on the actual process of preparing your book to be published on  Nicholas Black discusses KDP, which is Amazon's self-publishing platform, preparing your document for Kindle, the importance of keywords, how to promote your book on different websites, such as Facebook, Twitter,  and the different free e-book listing sites that are available.  It was in this book that I also learned about Calibre, a free software program that I highly recommend every e-book author download, because you can load your e-book (or a draft of your e-book) into it and it will give you an idea of what your e-book will look like when it's uploaded to Amazon's site.  In another post, I'll explain how to load your e-book into Calibre and convert it so you can see what it will look like as an e-book. 

How to Write a Book This Weekend, Even If You Flunked English Like I Did - In this book, self-help guru Vic Johnson goes through the process of how to write an ebook in one weekend - he claims he's used this actual process to write many of his books.  I personally like to take my time when it comes to writing, but he does provide some excellent advice which I know will come in useful as I write my ebook.  Some of the topics he covers are how to prepare to write an ebook, how to pick a niche and topic, and how to choose a working title, among other things. 

The Kindle Writing Bible: How to Write a Best-Selling Non-Fiction Book From Start To Finish - This book covers a lot of the same topics as "How to Write a Book This Weekend," however Tom Corson-Knowles also provides some additional ideas.  He also provides links to other resources, such as motivational videos, information on the Facebook group he's created, as well as additional information on writing and publishing e-books. 

Self-Editing and Evaluation Checklist - This very short e-book provides information on things to check for when editing a manuscript, whether it's a print book or an e-book.  It's an excellent reference, and only costs 99 cents to download, so I highly recommend it for anyone who writes for a living. 

These are the e-books that have been helpful to me as I write my first e-book, however there are many others out there - if you've read an e-book on this subject that you've found helpful, I'd love to hear about it!

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